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The honeymoon period is a period where love blossoms between two separate individuals. People who were only strangers a couple of days back become a part of each other during their honeymoon. Honeymoon is a trip like no other, a trip whose fragrance will stay in your life forever. The trip may last for 5 to 10 days, but the memories, impressions, experiences, bonds, comfort levels, romantic connections, affection and confidence developed during this trip will last forever. It’s a time when the groom shows the bride that she is the queen of his life, and the bride shows the groom that he is the king of her heart. 

Although the memory of you being with your loved one is enough to bring a smile on your face, adding a few surprises and romantic gifts will make sure that you cherish the moment like no other in your life.

Following are some tips drawn out from the experiences of thousands of couples who have had successful honeymoons. This tip would help you in making your honeymoon a memorable period of your life:

Travelling dates and whether gaps are required before and after the honeymoon:
It’s recommended that you spend some time at home before flying off for your honeymoon because this will allow you to start getting comfortable with your new spouse. You should take rest of at least two to three nights post marriage, introduce your better half to her new world, her new house, her new people so that she can settle down and get to know the people for whom you will need to pick up gifts.

As with starting out, you should keep a gap of at least one complete day before going back to work. This will help you to unwind and unpack in addition to prepare for the week ahead. In case of international travel, you should keep a gap of two nights, in order to recover from jet lag.

Duration of the honeymoon on basis of the availability of leaves, budgetary restrictions and even fatigue levels: 

The duration of your honeymoon should be based on various factors such as leaves, budget, travelling location, distances, interests and fatigue levels. There is no standardization for honeymoon schedules. As it’s your honeymoon, you should be the only one to decide such details.

Preparation of the honeymoon travel itinerary: 

Now this is one activity, which you should invest maximum amount of time and effort in. We all have numerous dreams for our honeymoon, which may range from partying whole night to just holding hands under the starry sky.

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Plan Your Trip to Romantic Rajasthan

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Rajasthan India Experience the magic of Rajasthan, the land of Rajput kings, forts 
and royal palaces. The mesmerizing land that shades different from others. The 
land offers mystical golden desert, rich colored wildlife, the magnanimous forts 
and palaces. And if this is not enough the land have vibrant fairs and festivals 
and the colorful people dressed in bright hues.

When you will visit the state, you will discover that life is a celebration in 
Rajasthan. The spirit to live life every moment is expressed in the brightly 
colored costumes, coarse jewelry and the beautiful smile of the people that brings 
alive the dry desert.

The State has a diverse nature ranging from shiny sands to rugged mountainous 
ranges to lovely landscapes. This glamorous nature of Rajasthan have enchanted the 
royal dynasties of the bygone era to add a lustrous touch to the state by building 
some of the magnificent palaces and forts, and colorful havelis - each a 
architectural masterpiece dotted all over the city.

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Best Honeymoon Destinations - Travel best Romantic Destination Now

Looking / Searching for Honeymoon Holidays? Then your search ends here. We are the leading Honeymoon holidays organizer across India. The honeymoon packages we will offer is cost-effective and we will take you to the best Honeymoon destinations across India i.e. Andaman, Dalhousie, Manali, Kerala, Coorg, etc.

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Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction by organizing quality tour packages for them.

There are some special times in our lives when it's really vital to celebrate our togetherness.For you that may be an engagement, your honeymoon or an even important wedding anniversary. Often we don't even require a reason to be together, we just want to get away from it all to enjoy some intimate moments in special places.

The honeymoon is an important start to a new couple's life. Spending this time together will give you some well-earned peace and recreation after the frenzied process of planning a wedding. Come dream a little dream with us and we'll create a magical honeymoon vacation package that is as unique as you are. From the mysterious deserts to evergreen forests, we have extraordinary world class honeymoon choices in all price ranges.

So if romance is on your mind, have a look at our array of intimate and tasteful honeymoon & romantic getaway packages. You can be rest assured that we will take care of everything for you, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy each other's company on this romantic and special occasion.

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Trip To Agra

You can see the gorgeous Agra on Agra Tours with Agra Trip. Agra is one of the most vibrant hubs of Culture, Art and Religion. It is the majestic city of architectural wonders. This beautiful ravishing marble monument is situated in the northern state on a bank of the Yamuna River.

This very spellbinding Taj Mahal was once the capital of the Mughal Emperor-Shah Jahan and his gorgeous wife Mumataz Mahal. See the magnificent Taj Mahal in all its grace on tours to Agra with Agra Trip. On sightseeing tours Agra, experience the most unforgettable memories of the bygone area. Tours to Agra encapsulates exquisite mosques, tombs, palaces and forts. It's the aroma of Mughlai cuisine; the skilled craftsmen carving and developing master-piece remind Mughal royalty all over again. Today, Agra Trip has become most attractive amongst thousands of tourists.

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Honeymoon in Goa

 With astonishing beach attractions, splendid monuments, flourishing wildlife and glittering nightlife, Goa has always been a paradise for honeymooners and adventure tour lovers.

 Honeymoon in Goa offers you an opportunity to celebrate your love at the beginning of the second phase of your life, in some of the finest beaches of the world. Making your special moments much memorable, we offer a host of Honeymoon Packages in Goa. These moments in Goa are those which you will cherish for lifetime, using these superb Honeymoon Packages Goa. This is the place where you can listen to the swaying of the palms, the kind hush of the waves, a distant strumming of the guitar and the song of the birds. You are going to fulfill all your honeymoon dreams with your partner, using some of the best Honeymoon Tour Packages in Goa. These superb Goa Honeymoon Tour Packages come up in a big range, making it all affordable for all types of tourists.. 

One of the smallest but most expensive states in India, Goa a wonderful tourist destination in India, inviting couples and honeymooners to spend the most valuable moments of their life in the mesmerizing atmosphere of shining blue sea, towering palms, fresh green fields and reddish colored earth merging into lovely creamy white beaches. You can enjoy the most of it, using the best of the Honeymoon Packages for Goa. You can feel the utmost sense of romance and nature with your special one if you have chosen the right honeymoon packages of Goa. You are going to get lost in the tranquil and scenic ambience of the region to feel the love, fun, and pleasure with your partner at its best with these honeymoon packages to Goa offered by us.. 

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Exploring the main Goa attractions like prehistoric churches, temples, forts and palaces along with natural surroundings, you will come across the harmony between the Portuguese and Hindu influences. You can find here some of the fabulous picnic spots far from the sands – including the Cabo de-Rama Fort, Terekhol Fort, the Arvalem and Dudhsagar Waterfalls and the Mayem Lake, all ideal for one-day trips in Goa. 

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Looking for a special destination for that special someone in your life? 

Well, you got it here! Couples worldwide come to India to spend a splendid time with the most beautiful person in their life. India offers a multitude of choices from mountains to beaches, to forts and gardens to start your relationship with a romantic essence. 

To make your honeymoon the most cherishing and exciting moment of your life, we present below the top 9 honeymoon destinations in India. 

Andaman Islands 
Stunningly beautiful and secluded is the ideal honeymoon destination – Andaman, which is all about long stretches of clear blue waters and wonderful opportunities of water sport is among the top honeymoon destination in india. Take up honeymoon tours of Andaman to explore this magnificent island. Port Blair and Havelock are best honeymoon places tourists can visit in Andaman.

Goa is a best honeymoon destination in India for all seasons with plenty to activities. Goa is a top honeymoon destination in India and is equally famous all over the world for its beaches, flea markets and nightlife. Couples should plan their holidays in Goa during the New Year’s time when the festive celebrations are on a high.

Planning your honeymoon in South India? Enjoy relaxing under the shady coconut groves and sunbathing on the golden beaches by taking up exclusive Kovalam tour packages in Kerala. You can also include a trip to Alleppey, Munnar and Wayanad which are all best honeymoon place in Kerala.

The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir–Srinagar, is aptly called as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and is one of the top honeymoon destination in India. While the summer season is apt for enjoying all the natural beauty, gardens and city attractions, winter is the time when couples can enjoy snowfall here. Book your Srinagar honeymoon tours in Kashmir for to enjoy a nonpareil honeymoon in the best honeymoon places in india.

A paradise on offer, Darjeeling is one of the best honeymoon places in India. Located in West Bengal, Darjeeling is a famous hill station popular for its natural charms and heritage attractions. Tourists planning to book a trip to Darjeeling, a popular honeymoon destination should not miss enjoying a ride on the heritage toy train.

Jodhpur is among the top honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan and is exceptionally famous for its heritage attractions and royal treatment that tourists can enjoy here. Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur and Mount Abu are some of the other names in the list of Rajasthan honeymoon tours that you should not miss.

If you are looking for the budget honeymoon destinations in South India, then come to Coorg. Called as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is located in Karnataka and can be easily reached by taking up honeymoon packages from Bangalore. Besides Coorg, there are various other popular places to holiday you should not miss.

All time favorite places for honeymoon, Ooty is one of the best places for honeymoon in Tamil Nadu. Book your exclusive Ooty honeymoon tours to spend a memorable time midst the Nilgiri Hills. Ooty is not only a popular place to holiday but there are many other towns and attractions located around Ooty, which tourists should not miss.

Peace, tranquility, natural beauty – Shimla has it all! It is these facets which make it one of the most desirable places for honeymoon in India. The capital of Himachal Pradesh, tours to Shimla Kullu Manali is the best way to explore these Himachal hill stations and enjoy a great honeymoon. Shimla is an all-the-year round destination. While tourists take holidays trips during the summers, couples flock here during the winters to enjoy snowfall and skiing.

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Beach honeymoon in India

Beach honeymoon in India has been the first choice of newly married couples and those who want to spend more time in intimacy with the sweetheart far from the hustle-bustle of the city life. The beach honeymoon is also considered as one of the most acknowledged honeymoon spots globally. However, the real fact is that some wonderful days in intimacy with sweetheart in the trinity of sun, sand and surf keep them enticed for a long time. 

Beach Honeymoon in India is such a welcome and refreshing type of holidaying that is explored by tourists/honeymooners to a great level. Couples can enjoy the beauty of the gorgeous sun going down the horizon while taking a walk on the wetland and leaving the trail of romance behind them with the footmarks. You can also enjoy the nightlife adding a bit of spice to your honeymoon. 

When it comes to enjoy the beach honeymoon in India, it is best enjoyed in the states of Kerala, Goa, Andamans, Lakshadweep and few more. The beach honeymoon also gives the newlyweds a probability to take pleasure in a cherished stay at the renowned beach resorts that are tempting and really peaceful and appropriate for the honeymooners. 

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism one of the world's largest foreign exchange earner among industries, provides employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly through many associated service industries. A very wide industry, it includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc and many associated service industries such as airline catering or laundry services, Guides, Interpreters, Tourism promotion and sales etc. Travel and Tourism enterprises include major internationals with a workforce of thousands, to the small private travel agent with a handful of employees.

Work in the travel and tourism industry is essentially concerned with providing services for people who are away from home, on business or holiday. Travel can be leisure travel involving package tours, pilgrim travel, adventure travel etc or purely business. Work at every functional level in the industry involves dealing directly with people. Travel agents assess the needs of tourists and businessmen and help them make the best possible travel arrangements from the many travel options available. Also, many major cruise lines, resorts, and specialty travel groups use travel agents to promote travel packages to the millions of people who travel every year. 

Jobs Available in  Tourism Industry :

Travel company personnel must be up-to-date on current rules and regulations and documentation required, in areas like cargo, ticketing and passports, visas etc. so as to correctly advise their clients, and to take care of the paperwork when necessary. Besides this, all tourism staff in marketing, counter sales, or guide services, should be knowledgeable about the places their clients visit, in terms of general background, how to get there connections by air, rail and road and the facilities available.

In India, Travel and tourism, as an industry, has been somewhat slower to take off  than in many other places. However, with increasing worldwide interest in travel, and with the Government's encouragement of its activities, it is undergoing massive expansion and improvement. This forecasts a bright future for all those who choose to make a career of travel and tourism. Young people with drive and a capacity for hard work can rise to top positions very quickly in travel and tourism or even head their own agencies. A job in the industry gives good returns as well as perks including opportunity to see many locales at low prices.

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