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Rajasthan India Experience the magic of Rajasthan, the land of Rajput kings, forts 
and royal palaces. The mesmerizing land that shades different from others. The 
land offers mystical golden desert, rich colored wildlife, the magnanimous forts 
and palaces. And if this is not enough the land have vibrant fairs and festivals 
and the colorful people dressed in bright hues.

When you will visit the state, you will discover that life is a celebration in 
Rajasthan. The spirit to live life every moment is expressed in the brightly 
colored costumes, coarse jewelry and the beautiful smile of the people that brings 
alive the dry desert.

The State has a diverse nature ranging from shiny sands to rugged mountainous 
ranges to lovely landscapes. This glamorous nature of Rajasthan have enchanted the 
royal dynasties of the bygone era to add a lustrous touch to the state by building 
some of the magnificent palaces and forts, and colorful havelis - each a 
architectural masterpiece dotted all over the city.

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