Honeymoon in Bhutan

A dream destination for thousands of newly wedded. Bhutan offers a perfect setting most desired by a couple starting a new chapter in their lives. Bhutan has the ideal setting most desired by the new couple: pristine natural beauty, privacy, hikes and trails through virgin forest to experience that rare but essential togetherness.

 Bhutan has gradually become the dream destination for the affluent and the travel enthusiast.Bhutan travel encompasses globally acclaimed splendour of snow covered mountains, fresh water lakes, wildflower strewn meadows, sparsely populated high altitude villages, ancient fortresses and monasteries, a bounty of flora and fauna. All this and a very serene and hospitable ambiance, just the perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners. 

Our travel experts will arrange for you to stay in the best of places, visit all the important and historic sites, will also arrange for camping night/s in the most picturesque and romantic locations in the country. We will ensure that you get the e best of services at all times. We will plan closely with you and prepare a package specifically for you keeping your preferences and needs in the forefront. 

A Bhutan honeymoon package can bdesigned for any duration, ideal one should not be less than 6 days and can be extended to any number of days. 

All Bhutan honeymoon tours are custom designed  in close coordination with you. Please send your inquiry on the form given below .

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